Description of Menu Items


File Menu

image\GREENBUT.gif New 

image\GREENBUT.gif Save 

image\GREENBUT.gif Save As 

image\GREENBUT.gif Save Graph As 

image\GREENBUT.gif Open 

image\GREENBUT.gif Import

image\GREENBUT.gif Export to Spreadsheet 

image\GREENBUT.gif Export Rich Text Format

image\GREENBUT.gif Page Setup 

image\GREENBUT.gif Print 

image\GREENBUT.gif Print Preview

image\GREENBUT.gif Print Setup

image\GREENBUT.gif Exit 

image\GREENBUT.gif Example Data Sets 

Edit Menu

image\GREENBUT.gif Site Information 

image\GREENBUT.gif Aquifer Parameters 

image\GREENBUT.gif Time and Drawdown 

image\GREENBUT.gif Adjust Data 

image\GREENBUT.gif Copy Graph 

View Menu

image\GREENBUT.gif Data 

image\GREENBUT.gif Arithmetic 

image\GREENBUT.gif Semi-Log 

image\GREENBUT.gif Log-Log 

image\GREENBUT.gif Eden-Hazel Part 1 

image\GREENBUT.gif Eden-Hazel Part 2 

image\GREENBUT.gif Set Step Drawdowns 

image\GREENBUT.gif Hantush-Bierschenk 

image\GREENBUT.gif Birsoy-Summers 

Options Menu

image\GREENBUT.gif Save Settings on Exit 

image\GREENBUT.gif Eliminate Duplicates

image\GREENBUT.gif Eliminate Alternates

image\GREENBUT.gif Reset Match Values 

image\GREENBUT.gif Units 

image\GREENBUT.gif Customize

image\GREENBUT.gif Language 

image\GREENBUT.gif Graph Options

image\GREENBUT.gif Graph Symbols 

image\GREENBUT.gif Graph Fonts 

image\GREENBUT.gif Graph Colors 

image\GREENBUT.gif Graph Axes