Example Data Sets



From the file menu, seven example data sets can be quickly loaded for analysis. This data can also be modified or saved.


Example 1-- A 3-step test with both increasing and decreasing discharge.


Birsoy and Summers (1980) -- This is the example data published in this article. Data for the first step was not published, and was therefore artificially re-created for StepMaster.


Clark (1977) -- This data set has been used as an example in many publications including Kruseman and de Ridder (1990).


Kawecki -- The data set published in Kawecki (1995). The data was modified slightly for StepMaster. The original data set has 26 different pumping rates listed. Many of the very similar rates were grouped to a single step.


Calliope -- A step-drawdown test with recovery data collected. This was published in Eden-Hazel (1973).


Gravel Pit -- An unpublished data set for analysis in StepMaster.


Recovery -- A constant discharge rate test with recovery data.


Select the menu item for one of the examples, and all of the data for that example will be loaded.