Options | Units


This menu selection sets the units for data entry, data display, and graphical display. By saving settings on exit, the selected units will be reloaded each time StepMaster is executed.


Prompt for units before data entry -- If this box is checked, the unit section dialog will be displayed prior to entry of data from options on the Edit menu.


Time Units

  • Days
  • Minutes
  • Seconds


Drawdown Units

  • Decimal Feet
  • Meters
  • Feet and Inches (used for keyboard data entry only)


Well Radius/Distance to Observation Well

  • Feet
  • Inches
  • Centimeters
  • Meters


Well Discharge Rate Units -- The pumping rate of the well

  • Cubic meters per day
  • Cubic feet per day
  • Gallons per minute
  • Gallons per day
  • Seconds per five gallon bucket
  • Cubic feet per minute
  • Liters per minute
  • Liters per second
  • User-Defined


Transmissivity Units

  • Square Meters per Day
  • Square Meters per Minute
  • Square Meters per Second
  • Square Feet per Day
  • Square Feet per Minute
  • Square Feet per Second
  • Gallons/Day/Foot
  • User-Defined



Using User-Defined Units


StepMaster accepts user-defined units for transmissivity and well-discharge rate. To create a user-defined unit, enter the unit label in the box marked Label. The label is the text that appears to describe the units. For example, the label for square meters per day could be meters2/day, m2/day, or square meters per day. Then enter the unit conversion factor. This is a number user-defined units are divided by to get cubic meters per day for discharge rate, or square meters per day for transmissivity. For example, if user defined units for transmissivity were square feet per day, the conversion factor would be 10.763648 because transmissivity in square feet per day is divided by 10.763648 to get transmissivity in meters per day.