Importing AQTESOLV for DOS Files

StepMaster can import data files in Geraghty & Miller's AQTESOLV for DOS format. Data is imported for one single well at a time. Importing AQTESOLV files is similar to importing data logger files. To import and AQTESOLV file:


  1. Select Import from the File menu.


  1. Select AQTESOLV for DOS from the data logger format box.


  1. Use the Select button to select the AQTESOLV file, or select a recent file from the drop-down list box.


  1. Select the time and water level (length) units in which the file was created.


  1. Select Import to load the file.


The View Selected File button can be used to view the file before loading. The file will be loaded into the text editor specified in Options | Customize. This can be helpful in selecting the correct file and units.


Note: In most cases, you will want to clear current data from memory before importing AQTESOLV files. Do this from File | New.



Warning Messages

Some AQTESOLV files may contain pump test data or other information incompatible with StepMaster. A warning message may appear indicating the type of incompatibility. Verify the data to insure that it loaded as intended.