Importing Data Logger Files

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Data Logger File Format

To load a data logger file:


  1. Select Import from the File menu.


  1. Select the format of the data logger file, or the data logger manufacturer and model if listed.


  1. Use the Select button to select the file name.


  1. Select the time and drawdown units for the file.


  1. Indicate the total number of columns of data in the file.


  1. Under Column Assignments, specify which columns contain the time values and which columns contain the drawdown values.


  1. Select Import to load the file.


If necessary, use the View Selected File button to view the file before loading. This will load the file into Windows Notepad or the text editor specified in Options | Customize Use this option to ensure that the selected file and units are correct.


In most cases, file headers do not need to be removed from the file. StepMaster will automatically begin reading time and drawdown in the correct location.