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Aquifer Parameters Page


Radius -- This is the pumping well radius if drawdown is measured in the pumping well. If drawdown is measured in an observation well, this is the distance from the pumping well to the observation well.


Aquifer Thickness -- This is the saturated thickness of the aquifer.


Delta t -- This is the time since the beginning of a step for which to determine drawdown from Set Step Drawdowns. It is related to analysis of the data with the Hantush-Bierschenk method. It is not related to data collected in the field.



Pumping Rates Page


This page contains the well discharge rate for each step and the time of the new rate. Up to twelve different pumping rates (or steps) can be entered into StepMaster. The beginning of a step is referenced by the time since the beginning of the test, at which that step began. StepMaster determines automatically, the number of time measurements up until that rate began.


Time at New Rate -- This is the time interval from the beginning of the test to when the rate changed to the rate indicated in the box to the right of this value. The first time value should normally be zero.


Pumping Rate -- This is the new rate beginning at the time specified to the left in Time at New Rate. The first value should be the initial pumping rate.