File | Page Setup


This menu option allows the user to specify how the graphs are printed.




Margins are indicated in inches.


Left Margin -- distance from left edge of paper

Right Margin -- distance from the right edge of the paper

Top Margin -- distance from the top edge of the paper

Bottom Margin -- distance from the bottom edge of the paper



Print Borders


Graphs can be printed with the following border selections:

  • No Border
  • Single Thin Line
  • Double Thin Line
  • Single Thick Line
  • Shadow



Maintain Aspect Ratio -- If this box is checked, the graph will be drawn with the horizontal scaling equal to the vertical scaling. If this is not checked, the graph will be drawn to fill the available area. Most graphs are suitable without maintaining the aspect ratio. However it would normally be desirable to maintain the aspect ratio when printing the type curve.


Options selected here will be saved and reloaded each time StepMaster is executed if Save Settings on Exit is selected.



Headers and Footers


These pages set the page headers and footers for printing reports and graphs. Headers and footers can be located in the left, center, and right of the top and bottom of the page.


The following options are available for headers and footers:


  • None
  • Title
  • File Name
  • Data Logger File Name
  • Company Name
  • Analyst Name
  • Page Number
  • Date
  • Time
  • Date and Time