Graph Axes

By default, StepMaster automatically scales graph axes. This dialog allows for user-defined graph axes scales.

Changing Graph Axes

Settings for the Drawdown axes and the Time axes are set independently. This procedure applies to either time or drawdown axes.

1. Un-check the box Use Default Scaling. If this box is checked, graphs will be displayed with default scaling regardless of additional values entered.

2. For time axes, specify the units in which scaling values will be entered. This unit selection is independent of the units used for time data entry or display.

3. Specify the maximum value for the axes.

4. Specify the major and minor tick marks for the graphs. If these boxes are left blank, axes will receive default scaling to fit the maximum value entered in step 3.

Note: Major and minor tick mark specifications will apply only to arithmetic scales, and not to logarithmic scales.

Additional Graph Axis Options

Box Graph -- If this box is checked, a box is drawn with the bottom and right axes scales as two sides of the box.

Full Time Axes -- If this box is checked, tick marks on the time axes (and radius axes for the distance-drawdown graph) extend the full height of the graph.

Full Drawdown Axes -- If this box is checked, tick marks on the drawdown axes extend the full width of the graph.