Birsoy-Summers Table



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Birsoy-Summers Method


This menu selection creates a file containing a table of values used in the Birsoy-Summers test. This table can be imported to a spreadsheet for further data analysis. Values in the table are delimited by tab characters to separate each value into a separate cell when imported to a spreadsheet.





  1. Select an output file name.


  1. Select Write File to create a text file of the table.


  1. Select View in Spreadsheet or View in Text Editor to view the file. The spreadsheet or text editor are specified in Options | Customize.



Values in the table include:

image\GREENBUT.gif The number of the step

image\GREENBUT.gif The trial number

image\GREENBUT.gif Time in minutes

image\GREENBUT.gif Drawdown in days

image\GREENBUT.gif Specific drawdown is days/square meter

image\GREENBUT.gif Adjusted time