Welcome to Compliance Taafi (pronounced like Toffee)

T - Tasks - Recurring tasks based off of a hierarchical compliance model.

A - Audits - Audits performed as part of the regulatory process.

A - Actions - Actions scheduled or performed to address compliance issue.

F - Findings - Findings are the result of audits.

I - Issues - Compliance Issues that need to be addressed to maintain compliance.  These differ from tasks in that tasks are generally recurring and all tasks or associated with a compliance requirement in the compliance model.  Issues are independent from the compliance model.

Welcome to Compliance Taafi. Compliance Taafi helps you achieve compliance with regulations and performance standards in a client server database environment. Tools at your disposal include:

  1. Visualize your compliance requirements with a Compliance Requirements Model
  2. Schedule tasks and track task completion with Task Management
  3. Use the Issue Tracker to create and manage actions to solve compliance problems.
  4. Perform audits against a compliance model and enter your findings.
  5. Protect and organize your documents with document management and version control.


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