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You can scale tables to print within the specified page width. From File | Page Setup, check the Fit to Page Width box.

If you don't like the default appearance of reports as selected from the Reports menu, you can customize the report and save it as a default template. Select File | Save as Default Template.

You can write data in the current report to a tab-delimited ASCII text file. Select File | Export Report Tab-Delimited. Such a file can be imported into spreadsheets for additional formatting, calculations, or graphics.

You can specify which data fields to include in most reports. From Options | Report Options, select the "Data Fields" tab.

You can resize data columns and section header columns independently by drag-and-drop. Position the mouse cursor over the edge of the column so that the cursor changes to a "split bar." The drag the column to the desired size, and release the mouse button. Column sizes are saved with template information.


From File | Page Setup, you can specify the contents of page headers and footers. From Options | Report Fonts, you can specify the fonts for page headers and footers.

From File | Page Setup, you can specify a zoom factor for printing to reduce or enlarge the tables.

You can increase the spacing between text and table borders. From File | Page Setup, select the Line Spacing tab, and enter the new a line spacing.