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The fingerprint diagram is presented by Mazor (1991) as a graphical display of common ion concentrations on a logarithmic axis. Typically, the diagram displays cations on the left and anions on the right. Ions from left to right are Ca, Na, K, Mg, HCO3, Cl, and SO4. However, any seven parameters can be displayed on the graph. Units are typically meq/l, however ChemPoint supports the use of other units as well.


The fingerprint diagram is very similar to the Schoeller diagram. In ChemPoint, the fingerprint diagram has the following characteristics:


  • Only one diagram is produced at a time.
  • Any seven parameters for the facility can be used to create the graph. You can specify valence and atomic weight for each of the parameters.
  • The data for the graph can be limited by sample date or sampling location.
  • You can use field names to specify custom graph titles and axis labels.