Sampling Event


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Use this view to set up a sampling event.

image\CHICLET.gif Note: If you are importing laboratory data, there is no need to set up a sampling event. Sampling events will be created automatically.




The ChemPoint window is divided into two panes. The upper pane displays all parameter groups and their parameters. You create parameter groups in the Parameter Groups view.


The lower pane displays all sampling locations for the facility. For each location, the containers collected on the current date are display. For each container, parameters analyzed in the container are displayed.




Double click on a data item to edit it.


How to Set Up a Sampling Event:


  1. Make sure that all sampling locations exist in the database for the sampling event. Use the Dates and Locations view to add sampling locations.
  2. In the Sampling Event view, go to the ChemPoint tool bar. In the drop-down list, select the date of the sampling event. If the date does not exist, click the New Sampling Event button and add the date. Make sure it is selected.
  3. The lower pane of the view will display all sampling locations.
  4. Select the desired parameter or parameter group from the upper pane. Drag the parameter or group to the desired sampling location in the lower pane. Drop the parameter or group on that location to add it to the list of parameters analyzed on the current date.
  5. Containers are created automatically if they do not exist. However, you can create containers manually. Select the desired location. Select New Container from the Data menu.