Parameter Groups


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Use this view to edit the master parameter list, and to create groups of parameters that are commonly analyzed together.


image\CHICLET.gif Note: If you only import data from laboratories, you do not need to use parameter groups. Parameter groups of only for entering data through the keyboard.





The ChemPoint window is split into two panes. The upper pane lists all parameters for the selected group. The lower pane displays parameters in the master parameter list. Use the parameter group drop-down list box on the ChemPoint tool bar to select the group to display in the upper pane.





To edit a parameter group, double click on the item.


To edit a master list parameter, select the item and select Edit Master Parameter from the Data menu.


To add a master list parameter to the selected parameter group, double click the item in the master list.


To delete a parameter from a group, select the parameter, and select Delete Group Parameter from the Data menu.



Creating a New Group:


  1. Press the New Group button on the ChemPoint tool bar.
  2. Enter the name of the new group.
  3. Select parameters in the master list to add to the group. Double click the parameter in the master list to add it to the new group.


Parameter Group and Master List Files:


Parameter groups and the master parameter list are stored in the files specified from Options | Paths.