Radial Graph

Visual Comparison of Concentrations for Six Parameters


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Radial graphs are discussed in many ground water references, including Zaporozec (1972) where it is referred to as a Tickell diagram.


The radial diagram displays a comparison of concentrations for six different parameters. Concentrations are plotted on six axes arranged hexagonally. The radial diagram has the following characteristics:


  • One graph is produced for each sample collection date/location ID combination. If there are multiple containers for a date/location pair, the radial graph will display one plot for each container to a maximum of five.
  • The right-horizontal axis can be displayed with a scale. Various axis options are available for the graph.
  • You can use field names to specify custom graph titles and axis labels.
  • Any units listed from Options | Units, as well as meq/l are available for the plot.