Contouring Background Image File


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When contouring in ChemPoint, you have the option of drawing the contours over a background image file. Typically, the background image would be an aerial photograph of the facility. Background images have the following characteristics:

  • The image must be a Windows Bitmap file
  • They can be resized in ChemPoint using the Contour Image Zoom dialog
  • The image can be repositioned below the contours.



Background Image Options


Display Background Image -- If this box is checked, the background image will be displayed. If this box is not checked, no background image will be displayed, even if one is specified.


Background Image File -- This is the name of the image file to display below the contours.


Crop Image -- If this box is checked, the display of the image will be cropped to only display within the plot area of the graph. If this box is not checked, the image may be displayed beyond the boundaries of the graph. Checking this box is recommended for the best presentation.