Contour Template Files


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Introduction to Contouring


Contour template files allow you to save contour diagram options to a file, enabling you to easily recreate other diagrams with the same options. Contour diagram template files are binary files with a .contour filename extension.


To save a template file, create a contour diagram with the desired options. From the File menu, select Save Template File. Select a file name under which the template will be saved.


To create a contour diagram from a template file, select File | Open Template File. Select the template file name. A new contour diagram will be created from options in the template file.


image\CHICLET.gif Note: Site specific parameter, date, and location information is saved to the template file. If you apply a template file to another facility, you may be attempting to create a contour diagram for date, parameter name, or location ID that does not exist for the facility. Other options will be applied, but to create the diagram, you will need to select a valid date, parameter name, and location ID combination for the new facility.


For example, if you create a contour template from Facility A for a sampling event of 12/3/99 for Nitrate, and then apply the template to Facility B, the diagram can only be created if Facility B has data for Nitrate from 12/3/99 for the same location ID's. Because this is unlikely, you will usually have to select a new date, parameter name, and location ID series for Facility B to complete the contour diagram.