Contour Data Selection


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Introduction to Contouring


Use this dialog to specify locations, dates, and parameters for contouring.


Contour Analysis Measurement -- If this box is checked, analysis measurements will be contoured. If this box is no checked, contouring is turned off.


Locations -- Select all sampling locations to be contoured. Normally, all locations would be selected. However, there may be some situations, such as multiple monitored zones underlying a facility, when only a subset of the locations would be selected.


Parameter -- Select the parameter to contour. Parameters concentrations are contoured in the units specified from the Facility Parameter View. Non-detects are assumed to have a value of 0.


Selected Date -- Select the sampling date for contouring.


Note: For situations where multiple samples are collected on the same date for the same well (duplicates or replicates), ChemPoint uses the concentration of the first analysis encountered in the database for the parameter, sampling location, sampling date combination. There is no way to control which of the duplicate values will be used for contouring.