Contour Kriging Options


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Introduction to Contouring


Kriging Model -- Select the Kriging model. Two types are available.

  • Linear
  • Spherical

During testing of the contour algorithms, Linear and Spherical produce nearly identical results.


Kriging Type -- Select the kriging type.

  • Block Kriging (faster)
  • Classical Kriging (slower)


For a large count of scattered points Classic Kriging method is very slow. The Block Kriging method divides the grid by blocks and grid values are estimated from points in neighboring blocks only.


Range -- The range is the smallest distance at which the variogram reaches the sill and represents the largest separation correlated samples could have. You can the maximize distance between scattered points set as range. Default value is 1.


Sill Parameters -- Set the nugget and sill for variogram models. Default values are C0 = 1, C1 = 2, Sill = 3.