Select Microsoft Access Database Connection Dialog

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ChemPoint Client/Server Databases 

ChemPoint data are stored in a database such as a Microsoft Access MDB file. Use this dialog to specify the path and connection parameters for the database. 

Database Path and File Name:

Select the database path and file name for the ChemPoint database file (such as a Microsoft Access MDB file).

Database Type:

Select the database type string and parameters. This is the database connection string, however, the database path specified above is represented by <<FileName>>. 

Connection String:

This is the connection string for the connection to the ChemPoint database. The database connection string will be assembled from the database type string specified above, and the <<FileName>> text will be replaced with the database path and file name specified above. Alternatively, you could enter the whole database connection string.

For connection to a Microsoft Access Database, at C:\MyData\ChemPoint.MDB, you would use the following connection string:

Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source = "C:\MyData\ChemPoint.MDB";