New Microsoft SQL Server Database


  • SQL Server
  • SQL Server Express (free edition)
  • SQL Server in Azure (cloud hosted edition)

ChemPoint Professional can store data in a Microsoft SQL Server database. For security reasons, you can not create an empty SQL Server database directly from ChemPoint Professional. You must use a script to create an empty ChemPoint Professional database on SQL Server. Scripts are included with the ChemPoint Professional installation. Each ChemPoint Professional database will have exactly one SQL Server data "catalog". There is no limit to the number of ChemPoint Professional catalogs you can implement in a single SQL Server database.

Use this dialog to generate the script to create a new ChemPoint Professional on Microsoft SQL Server.

1. Enter the name for the database. This will be the catalog name in SQL Server.

2. Click the Create Script button. The script will be generate to create a database catalog with the specified name.

3. Click the Copy Script button to copy the script to Windows clipboard.

4. Paste the script into a SQL Server query program to execute the query.