Ion Bar Graph Options

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Ion Bar Graph 

Title -- Enter the title for the graph. You can use field names to create custom graph titles.

Title Position -- Select the position of the graph title.

Bar Label -- Select the format string for the label for each bar.

Units -- Select the units for the graph. Available units are listed from Options | Units. In addition, meq/l is an available unit. Proper conversion factors for mg/l must be specified from Options | Units to use meq/l. Typically, the diagram is displayed in meq/l.

Frame Color -- Select the color for the graph frame.

Group Sodium and Potassium -- If this box is checked, sodium and potassium will be summed and plotted together. If this box is not checked, sodium and potassium will be plotted separately.

Show Cation/Anion Discrepancy -- The total meq/l of cations should theoretically equal the total meq/l of anions in each sample. However, for various reasons explained in the references, this is commonly not the case. Some references present ion bar graph with both cations and anions displayed up to 100% regardless of whether the cations and anions are equal in meq/l. ChemPoint can display the graph in this manner. However ChemPoint can also display the graph such that 100% is the larger of meq/l for cations or anions. In this fashion, it is possible to discern for each sample if the cations and anions are equal in meq/l.

Bars per Graph -- Select the number of bars to display on a single graph.