Facility Selection View


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Data Management Sessions


ChemPoint allows you to store data for multiple facilities in a single database. Use the Facility Selection View to manage facilities in the database. This could include the following tasks:


Select a Database

ChemPoint supports storing data in multiple database. For a Microsoft Access 2000 database, each database is represent by a single file with an MDB extension. To open a database, choose File | Select Database. ChemPoint can only connect to one database at a time, although the database may contain data for multiple facilities.



Add a New Facility

To add a new facility to the database, select New Facility from the Data menu. Enter information for the facility. Alternatively, you could import data from one of the supported formats.



Delete All Data for a Facility

You can delete all data for a facility from a database. Select Delete Facility Data from the Data menu. Use this operation with care. Once data have been deleted, the data can not be recovered.