Duplicate Database Dialog

Use this dialog to copy data from one ChemPoint Professional database to another ChemPoint Professional database. 

Use this dialog to:

  • Make a copy of a version 6.x or version 7.x database (such as copying data from MS Access to MS SQL Server)
  • Copy version 6.x database to version 7.x
  • Copy version 7.x database to version 6.x (some data will be lost).

The destination database does not have to be empty. You must have administrator permission in both the source and destination databases to perform this action.

Access this dialog from the Facility Selection View. Select File | Duplicate Database.

Click the Select Source button to select the source database. 

Click the Select Destination button to select the destination database. 

The destination database does not have to be the same format (Access, or SQL Server) as the source database.

Click the Transfer Data button to copy the data from the source to the destination.