Contour Isoline Options


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Introduction to Contouring


Use this dialog to specify options for the contouring isolines.


Major and Minor Isolines

Isolines can be described as major or minor, with different styles available for each. You can specify how many minor lines will be displayed for each major line. For major and minor lines, you can specify the lines style, color, width, and whether or not it has a label.


Isoline Method -- This is the method for determining how many isolines to display. There are two options.

  • By Count -- The number of isolines is specified directly as the Isoline Count value.
  • By Step -- A minimum isoline value and step is specified. The step is the Z value to increment to the next isoline. The number of lines created depends on the maximum Z value for the data being contoured.

For both methods, you can specify the number of minor lines per major lines.


Label Background -- Specify whether the isoline label text is transparent or opaque.


Label Font -- Specify the font for isoline labels.