Blind Duplicates

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Exporting to ChemStat 

It is common during sampling events to collect an extra sample from a well without telling the laboratory from which well the sample was collected. This is called a blind duplicate. Blind duplicates are used as a quality control measure. Only the samplers know the source of the blind duplicate. The samplers can then compare the analysis of the blind duplicate to the analysis known to be from the well. If the laboratory analysis is accurate, the results will be very close.

However, it is common to want to exclude blind duplicates from statistical analysis. It is recommended that you incorporate the blind duplicate into your ChemPoint data as a separate container for the well from which it came. For example, if you collect a blind duplicate from MW-1, you may create a container for MW-1 called Blind Duplicate. This would be in addition to your other containers for MW-1 for the same sampling event.

From any view that allows you to edit container data, edit the container data for the blind duplicate. Select the option to exclude the container from statistical analysis. Data from the container will not be exported to ChemStat.