Analysis Data


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User Defined Fields


Sample Date -- The date of the sampling event.

Location ID -- The identifier of the location that was sampled.


Container ID -- The identifier of the container.


Parameter Name -- The full name for the parameter.

Replicate Code -- The replicate identifier of the sample. Replicates are assigned lower case letters a through s and can be recognized in this way on-screen and in printed reports.

Concentration -- This is the measured concentration of the analyte in the specified units.

Detection Limit -- This is the detection limit in the specified units.


Units -- The units of the analysis concentration and detection limit.


Method Code -- This is the EPA method code for the analysis of the parameter. This is typically documented in USEPA document SW-846. For example, it may be 8240 for VOCs. Leave blank if code is unknown.

Data Qualifier -- This is a code describing the confidence of the data analysis.


Analyzed By -- The individual or group analyzing the sample.


Analysis Date -- The date of analysis of the sample.


Instrument -- The instrument identifier for the analysis.


Dilution Factor -- The dilution factor for the analysis.


Batch Number -- The batch number for the analysis.


Lab ID -- This is the laboratory ID for the sample.

Not Analyzed -- Indicates the sample was not analyzed

Statistics -- Indicates whether the sample should be included in statistical analyses or not.

Additional Quality Control Fields:

  • Quantification Limit
  • Extraction Date
  • EPA Level Code
  • Leach Method
  • Preparation Method
  • Filter Code
  • Problems
  • Review History
  • QAQC Code
  • Laboratory