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Common Problems and Solutions

How to import data (tab-delimited text, dBase, or MS Access files) into ChemStat


How do I import data from Microsoft Excel (or tab-delimited text, dBase or MS Access) into ChemStat?


First, ask yourself why you want to keep your data in Excel?  ChemPoint is a much better application for storing environmental data.  That is what it is designed to do!

Anyway, there are 3 solutions to your problem. In order of best to worst, they are:

1.  Purchase ChemPoint, which allows you to enter data using a spreadsheet style interface, or import data from tab-delimited text files and some other file formats. ChemPoint can then export the data to ChemStat.

2.  Download the ChemPoint/ChemStat tools and converters. Included is a conversion utility that will allow you to convert tab-delimited text files (created in Excel) to ChemStat format. The package includes documentation for allowable file formats.

3.  Search the ChemStat Help file for the topic "Import File Format" and create your data files in Excel using that format.

For options 1 and 2, be sure to check out the animated demonstration and training movies on the topic of importing data into ChemPoint.