Aquifer Test Analysis Software

"I just downloaded a trial version and this looks like
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The First Commercial Aquifer Testing Software for Windows

Windows 11 Compatible Environmental Software The latest versions of all Starpoint Software applications run on Windows 8/10/11
Since the first version of Infinite Extent in March, 1994,with each new release, Starpoint Software has raised the standard for aquifer testing applications with such great features as:
  • Easy to use Windows interface with context sensitive on-line help
  • Drag-and-drop type curve matching
  • Extensive ability to exclude data with on-screen buttons
  • Importing most manufacturers' data logger files without prior editing
  • Extensive resistance to program crashes from unusual data sets
  • Automatically adjusting slug-test data for maximum displacement at time = 0
  • Displaying calculations in moveable and customizable text boxes
  • Instantaneous type curve display
  • Copy graphs to clipboard or save as a bitmap

Features Common to All Three Programs:

  • Display graphs in any language*
  • Multiple fonts for all graphs
  • Many calculations displayed in customizable, moveable text boxes
  • Consistent user interface between all programs
  • Improved display of results for Automatic Parameter Estimation (with multiple fonts)
  • Export reports to tab-delimited files or rich-text format
  • Print and Print Preview with choice of headers and footers
  • Drag-and-drop type curve matching
  • Up to 2000 time and drawdown values
  • In addition to the wide variety of pre-defined units, user-defined units for transmissivity, hydraulic conductivity, and discharge rate are now supported.
  • Extensive choice of symbols for both included and excluded data display
  • Customizable graph axes; specify maximum values and tick mark spacing
Infinite Extent: Aquifer Pumping Test Analysis
Constant rate pumping test analysis software includes Theis, Hantush, Walton, Neuman, Huisman, Thiem, Specific Capacity, Distance-Drawdown, Theis Recovery, and Hantush Modified Theis for Partial Penetration. Radius of influence calculator, steady-state drawdown calculator, and well yield calculator.
StepMaster: Aquifer Step-Drawdown Pumping Test Analysis
Includes Birsoy-Summers, Eden-Hazel, and Hantush-Bierschenk. Calculate aquifer transmissivity and storativity, for step-drawdown and recovery tests.
Super Slug: Aquifer Slug Test Analysis
Includes Bouwer and Rice, Hvorslev, Cooper, Bredehoeft, Papadopulos, and Ferris & Knowles. Easily exclude unwanted data points from analysis. Drag-and-drop type curve matching, highly customizable graphs.