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Common Problems and Solutions

Program can not find IDAPI32.DLL at startup


IDAPI32.DLL is a dynamic link library for the Borland Database Engine.  ChemPoint and ChemStat both use the Borland database engine (BDE).  When you install the programs, the BDE is installed as well.  Normally, the BDE is installed in C:\BDE on your local drive.  However, if you have previously installed another application that requires the BDE, it may already exist on your computer in some other location.

When ChemStat or ChemPoint is installed, the installation program adds the path for the BDE to your system path variables.  However, in some program installations, this path setting can fail, or the user may fail to perform the necessary steps to complete the procedure.



When you try to start ChemPoint, you get a message that the program can not find the IDAPI32.DLL file.



1.  Reboot your computer after installation.  This is always required, and will fix the vast majority of the problems.  If you continue to get the error message, then proceed with the following steps.

2.  Make sure the file IDAPI32.DLL exists on your system.  From the Windows Start button, select Find | Files or Folders.  Locate the file IDAPI32.DLL.  Make not of the folder containing the file.

3.  Make sure that your system path variable contains the folder with IDAPI32.DLL.  To do this, open a DOS command prompt, and type "path" (no quotes) and press Enter.  The contents of your system path variable will be displayed.

dospromp.gif (9990 bytes) Checking your system path variable from the DOS prompt.  Click on image to view full size.

For Windows 95/98/ME

4.  If the path does not contain the BDE folder, then you will need to add it to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.  From the Windows Start button, select Run and type in sysedit.  The front Window will be your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.  If the folder containing your IDAPI32.DLL file is 8 characters or less, add the line:


where C:\BDE is the folder containing your IDAPI32.DLL file.  Be sure to enter the folder on YOUR system if it is different than C:\BDE.

If the folder containing IDAPI32.DLL is greater then 8 characters, you must enclose the folder name in double quotes.  Add the following line:

SET PATH=%PATH%;"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Borland\BDE"

5.  Save the changes to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, and restart your computer.

sysedit.gif (21189 bytes) Editing the AUTOEXEC.BAT file in the SYSEDIT program.  Click on image to view full size.

For Windows NT/2000

4.  Edit the path by going to the Control Panel, Clicking on the System icon, select the Advanced tab, and click on the Environment Variables tab.

5.  Select the Path system variable and click the Edit button.

envvar.gif (13836 bytes) Setting the Path variable in Windows 2000.  Click on image to view full size.

6.  Add a semi-colon to the end of the path list, and then add the BDE folder to the path.

7.  Click OK to save changes, and then restart your computer.

If These Steps Fail:

The only thing preventing the application from finding the IDAPI32.DLL file is the path variable.  If these steps fail, then you are not setting the path variable correctly, or possibly, your system is not accepting the changes, or it is not processing the AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

1.  Repeat the steps making sure the paths are correct.

2.  Uninstall ChemPoint and Reinstall.