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Common Problems and Solutions

ChemStat Does Not Print the First Page of a Report


You attempt to print a report in ChemStat, but the first page is blank (or shows only headers and footers).


We have never been able to duplicate this problem at Starpoint Software, but it has occurred with a number of customers.  Diagnostics showed that all drawing commands are being sent to Windows, but the text does not appear on the printer.  With one customer, printing was fine with Windows 2000, until they installed a service pack.  After installation of the service pack, the problem appeared.  Our tests with Windows 2000 were not able to duplicate the problem.



There is a suitable workaround for this problem.  Simply add the report to the workbook and print the report from the Workbook.  This does not seem to cause the problem.  If this does not solve the problem, try adding a dummy report (any kind of one page report) to the workbook in front of the report you wish to print.  Then print both reports.  Finally, you could export the reports to Rich Text Format (RTF) and print them from Microsoft Word.

Refer to ChemStat online help topics for the workbook and for exporting to RTF for more information.