Technical Support

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Common Problems and Solutions

ChemStat Crashes when Shutting Down


You get the "illegal operation" message when shutting down ChemStat, even if there are no data in the program.


Your version of the common Windows library file Comctl32.dll is not compatible with ChemStat.  You need to download a more recent Comctl32.dll file and place it in your windows system directory.

The Windows System directory is usually:

C:\Windows\system for Windows 95/98

C:\Winnt\System32 for Windows NT and Windows 2000.

When you place the Comctl32.dll file in your Windows system directory, it should prompt you to replace the existing file.  ONLY replace the file if the file date of the downloaded file is more recent than the file date for your current file.  If you are not prompted to replace the missing file, you probably selected the wrong directory.  From the Windows Start button, select Find | Files or Folders, and search for the file Comctl32.dll.  Note the folder containing the file, and place in that folder the Comctl32.dll file that you downloaded.

After you have replaced the file, reboot your computer.