Technical Support

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Common Problems and Solutions

Windows 7 Compatible Environmental Software Windows 11 Compatible Environmental Software
The latest versions of all Starpoint Software applications run on Windows 2000 through Windows 7 64-bit up to Windows 8/10/11

Starpoint Software Technical Support

Common Problems and Solutions

Before contacting Starpoint Software for technical support, be sure to check out the list of common problems and solutions.

Different Kinds of Help in Starpoint Software Applications

Animated Demonstration and Training Movies

Click here for the list of available animated demonstration and training movies movies.  These are self-contained presentations showing each application in action, with text narration.  These movies will introduce you to our software and show you how to do the most complex tasks, and the tasks most commonly asked about.

"What's This" Help

"What's This" help provides information about a specific control in a dialog.  Click on the question mark button in the upper right corner of the dialog box, and the cursor will change to an arrow with a question mark.  Then click on the control for which you want help.  Help text for the control will pop-up as shown below.

Context Sensitive On-Line Help

All Starpoint Software applications include extensive context-sensitive on-line with Table of Contents and complete index.  In fact we think we have one of the best and most complete help systems in the environmental software industry.  Context-sensitive means when you ask for help, the topic you first see is directly related to where you are in the program.

Context-Sensitive Help for Error Messages

Our most recent improvement in the help system is context sensitive help for error messages.  Like we, we are frustrated by the continually poor error messages in most software applications.  Although we understand why error messages are often terse, we know how frustrating it can be to the user.  Whenever possible, we have provided a Help button for error messages, taking you directly to a topic in the online help file describing the error and what you can do to fix it.

Compendious User's Guides in Adobe Acrobat Format

Most programs include User's Guide, or other documentation, in the popular Adobe Acrobat format.

Contact Starpoint Software for Additional Technical Support

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, or have additional technical questions, or suspect that the software is not working as intended, you can contact Starpoint Software directly for technical support.

If you are experiencing a problem with the program, shut down the application and reboot your computer.  Then make sure the problem can be duplicated.  We may ask you to email us any data files with which you are working that may be the source of the difficulty.

Whether by telephone or email, be sure to note which version of the program you are using, and if an error messages was generated, the exact text of the message.

When requesting technical support through email, we recommend that you attach any files with which you are working that may be the source of your difficulty.

Please be sure to include your contact information, particularly name, telephone number, and email address!