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Common Problems and Solutions

ChemPoint can not Read MS Access 2000 Databases


When you try to import a data with the Universal Converter, you get the error "Unrecognized File Format" when selecting a Microsoft Access database.  This may happen if the database is in MS Access 2000 format.

For more information, check out these Microsoft web page:



1.  First you will need an updated version of ChemPoint.  In ChemPoint, go to Help | About and check the version of ChemPoint.  You must have version or later with an executable file creation date of April 10, 2001 or later.  If you have an earlier version, obtain the most recent update from Starpoint Software, and see if the problem is resolved.

2.  If the problem persists, you will need to install some Microsoft libraries on your system.  You will need Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) version 3.6.

You will also need to install version 4.0 of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine, included with MDAC version 2.5.

You can download MDAC version 2.4 here:

I am sorry that this procedure is so complicated.  You can blame Microsoft for this..