Work Sessions


This dialog displays the list of work sessions for the current project.


ChemPoint tracks the amount of time spent working on each facility. The timer works by tracking application inactivity. Each time a facility is opened, a new work session is created. After two minutes have passed without activity in the application, the work session is closed. New activity will create a new work session that will be active until the facility is closed, or until the next period of inactivity. Users can not edit or delete work sessions from within ChemPoint.


Work sessions are classified as either Valid or Invalid. Valid work sessions were properly closed out and have a set ending time. Invalid work sessions were not properly closed out (due to a database access error or program failure), and do not have a valid end time. Invalid work sessions are not included in the time calculations below.


Total Session Time -- This is the total time for all work sessions. This is also the total time spent working on the project.


Selected Session Time -- This is the total time for any selected sessions. To determine the total time for a group of sessions, select the sessions in the list. This value will show the total for the selected sessions.