History List Dialog


Use this form to add to or modify the codes used for data entry. The following codes are available.


Text Lists Page


Use this page to edit text-based lookup lists. These lists are stored in the Codes folder. Select the list to edit from the list on the list.



Adding a New Item to a List:


  1. Enter the new value in the Edit box.


  1. Select an item from the Items list at the desired position of the new item.


  1. Click the Insert Before or Insert After button.



Changing an Item on a List:


To change an item on a list, select the item. Enter the new value in the Edit box. Click the Change button.



Sorting a List:


You can rearrange the items on a list. Select the item to move, and click the Move Up or Move Down buttons. Click the Sort button to alphabetize the items in the list.