ChemPoint Client/Server Database


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ChemPoint version 6.1 and later is suitable for a client/server database environment with multiple users accessing the same database simultaneously.


ChemPoint supports Microsoft Access 2000 and MS SQL Server databases.


You can store data for multiple facilities in a single database, or you can use multiple Microsoft Access database files. You can use any combination of the supported database types. You must use a database preconfigured for ChemPoint data (with the proper tables and queries).


ChemPoint is an open architecture database. You can access your data with an appropriate database application such as Microsoft Access 2000 or later, or MS SQL Server administrator tools, or you can write your own applications using development tools such as Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, or any of a number of development tools to access and modify ChemPoint data.


ChemPoint uses ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) technology to read and write the database. However, you can use any database technology for which appropriate drivers are available, including:

  • Open Database Connectivity (ODBC)
  • Microsoft Jet Engine
  • Data Access Objects (DAO)