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Software for Science and Engineering

Windows 7 Compatible Environmental Software Windows 11 Compatible Environmental Software The latest versions of all Starpoint Software applications run on Windows 7 64-bit up to Windows 8/10/11

Starpoint Software Products

Environmental Data Management and Statistics

ChemPoint® -- Environmental Data Management for Windows 
Powerful data management of surface water, ground water, soil, ash, sludge, bio-tissue, and air pollution monitoring data.
ChemStat® -- RCRA Subtitle C & D Statistical Analysis for Windows
Full featured RCRA compliant statistical analysis of ground water data. Includes most methods described in 1989 and 1992 USEPA statistical guidance documents, and other common statistical references.

Aquifer Test Analysis Applications for Windows

Infinite Extent:TM Aquifer Pumping Test Analysis
Includes Theis, Hantush, Walton, Neuman, Huisman, Thiem, Specific Capacity, Distance-Drawdown, Theis Recovery, and more.
StepMaster:TM Aquifer Step-Drawdown Pumping Test Analysis
Includes Birsoy-Summers, Eden-Hazel, and Hantush-Bierschenk. Most advanced step-test software available.
Super Slug:TM Aquifer Slug Test Analysis
Considered by many to be the easiest and most complete application for slug test analysis.
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Fully functional demonstrations versions of each program. Try before you buy!

ChemStat, and ChemPoint are registered trademarks of Starpoint Software Inc. Infinite Extent, Super Slug, and StepMaster are trademarks of Starpoint Software Inc.