Database Engines

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Download free database engines and converters

Download Database Engines and Converters

Microsoft Data Access Components version 2.8
(5427 KB)

Required for ChemPoint Professional v5.0 and Later, ChemPoint Standard v4.4 and later, ChemStat Universal Converter v4.0 and later.

Microsoft Data Access Objects (DAO) Jet Database Engine
(3126 KB)

Required for:

  • ChemPoint versions 4.0 to 4.3 (only for importing certain data types -- not for general use)
  • ChemPoint Professional versions 4.0 to 6.1 (only for importing certain data types -- not for general use)
  • ChemStat (for reading DUMPStat data only).

Borland Database Engine Proxy Library (BDEPL)
(2436 KB)

Required for ChemPoint 4.2 and later and ChemPoint Professional for importing ChemPoint 3.0 data files only.

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ChemPoint/ChemStat Data Conversion Utilities

Some features in ChemPoint and ChemStat require additional database engine installations.  These database engines may already be installed on your computer through other programs from other companies, such as Microsoft Office.  Installing these versions will not damage the previous installation.

ChemStat Universal Converter v. 4.2 (requires Microsoft Data Access Components listed above)
(4877 KB)
New Converter now reads MS Excel files directly!  Required to convert the following file formats to ChemStat:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • dBase
  • Tab-Delimited Text
  • Any ADO/OLE DB Compliance database (including Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, Access, MS SQL Server).

Runs on Windows 95 through Windows XP SP2.  Works for all versions of ChemStat.  If you have USEPA GRITS data, or Monitor for DOS data, and do not have ChemPoint 4.x or later, you will need the converter pack list below.

ChemPoint/ChemStat Tools and Converters, with Borland Database Engine
(6083 KB)
Required by ChemStat for direct import and conversion of MS Access, dBase, or tab-delimited text files.


  • ChemPoint 3.x Database Utilities (with GRITS Conversion)
  • ChemPoint 3.x Table Maintenance Utility
  • Database Table View (for viewing DBF files)
  • GRITS to ChemStat Converter
  • Universal Converter v3.0 with Transposer
  • Monitor System for DOS Converter (to ChemPoint v3.x or ChemStat)