"I just downloaded a trial version and this looks like
what I have been looking for, for a very long time."

Feature Comparison

DataQUEST is free software from the USEPA for QA/G-9 compliant statistical analysis of environmental data. So does that make it a good value? If you are currently using, or considering using USEPA's DataQUEST software, here are some reasons why you should consider using ChemPoint Professional and ChemStat instead.

DOS vs. Windows

DataQUEST is a DOS based application. ChemPoint and ChemStat are Windows based, with easy Windows-style menus, online help, file support, and high-quality printing. DataQUEST provides only limited help in text files. DataQUEST menus are cumbersome and cryptic. DataQUEST doesn't even print graphs or reports.

Who's Accountable?

DataQUEST is provided by USEPA. USEPA has no economic interest in providing user with quality software that is easy to use. This is our job! If our software isn't high quality and easy to use, we go out of business, and we are committed to quality and continuous improvement with new updates yearly.

Data Management Capabilities

ChemPoint provides a full-featured database system for your environmental data, including import of lab data, and reporting, with easy export to ChemStat for statistical analysis. DataQUEST requires that you create specially formatted text files of data, requiring considerable computer skills and time.

More Graphs and Analysis Methods

ChemPoint Professional includes twelve different types of graphs… many more than DataQUEST. ChemStat includes all of the powerful statistical analysis methods you will need for QA/G-9 compliance, including t-tests, outlier tests, parametric tests, non-parametric tests, test for normality, and transformation. ChemPoint and ChemStat provide professional quality graphs and reports, with choice of fonts, colors, and many more options. Your reports says a lot about your company's image. Show your clients that you use the leading technology.

More Applications

DataQUEST is limited in usefulness to QA/G-9 statistical methods. Leverage your investment in ChemPoint and ChemStat by taking on more environmental data management and statistical analysis projects, including RCRA, CERCLA, and US Department of Defense initiatives.

The Bottom Line

ChemStat and ChemPoint provide a quick uptime and fast return on investment. Remember, free software is only free if your time is of no value.