ChemPoint Contouring

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Data Visualization with ChemPoint Professional

ChemPoint Professional is the only full feature environmental data management system to have contouring built right into the program.

No more switching applications to create contour diagrams.  ChemPoint Professional Edition features the ability to create contour diagrams of parameter concentrations without leaving the program.  Three different types of gridding algorithms are provided:

  • Inverse Distance
  • Kriging
  • Triangulation

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ChemPoint Professional Contour Diagrams
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contour1.gif (55578 bytes) Contouring without a Background Image. -- ChemPoint includes many options for contouring, including customizable axis, choice of colors, fonts, grid options, and customizable titles.
Contour with Image.GIF (115711 bytes) Contouring Over a Background Image -- ChemPoint Pro allows you to draw contour diagrams over a background image such as an Aerial Photograph.  Zoom and repositioning features are included to allow you to properly position your sampling locations over the photograph.