ChemPoint Pro

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Advanced Environmental Data Management System

ChemPoint Professional

Advanced Environmental Data Management for Microsoft Access and SQL Server

Version 7.0 New Features include:

  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Parameter Name Management -- support for CAS Numbers, STORET codes and custom parameter IDs
  • Improved export of reports to HTML
  • Improved GISKey Import
  • Improved Parameter Name Management -- support for CAS Numbers, STORET codes and custom parameter IDs

Version 6.2 New Features include:

Improved data importing with direct import support for Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase, tab-delimited text, and any ADO/OLE DB compliance database.

Version 6.1 New Features include:

  • Improved User Interface
  • Improved Reports

Version 6.0 New Features include:

  • Support for Microsoft SQL Server as well as Microsoft Access 2000 database formats -- one program, multiple databases.
  • Even more report options
  • Support for multiple detection limits
  • Over 50 additional enhancements

ChemPoint Professional Edition is our enhanced version of the popular ChemPoint environmental data management system.  In addition to all of the capabilities of the standard edition, the professional addition adds these great features:

  • Open Architecture supports Microsoft Access 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server Database
  • Twelve different types of graphs
  • Contour parameter concentrations without leaving the program.  Choose from three gridding algorithms.  You can even contour over an aerial photograph.
  • Enhanced reporting -- more powerful reports, export reports directly to Microsoft Excel or to HTML tables.
  • Import EQuIS(TM), Geotech's Envirodata(TM), GISKey(TM) databases
  • Export to DUMPStat and Sanitas
  • Extensive Data Search capabilities
  • User-defined data field values
  • Print sample container labels
  • Multi-lingual user-interface support
  • Exclude individual analyses from statistical analysis
  • Track work sessions -- Shows how much time is spent working on each facility.

Multi-Lingual Support

If you do environmental work internationally, you need ChemPoint Professional.  CP-Pro enables you to do data entry, and print reports and well construction diagrams, in any language!  You provide translated terms for various ChemPoint terms, or purchase a special language pack.  It is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to do data entry and reporting in French, German, Russian, or even Japanese, or any other language.**

DUMPStat (TM) and Sanitas(TM) Export

ChemPoint Professional increases your statistical analysis options.  We realize the there are circumstances where you just can't use our statistical software.  But other statistical packages are notorious for their limited database capabilities.  Now, you can use a high quality database application, and still use the statistical package required for your project.

Print Sample Container Labels

With ChemPoint Professional, you can print sample container labels just like printing address labels.  Select label sizes from a variety of standard templates, including most Avery label sizes.  You set the contents of the label, including fonts and data fields.  The ChemPoint automatically prints a label for each sample container.

ChemStat Included Free!

ChemPoint Professional also includes the full version of ChemStat for graphing and statistical analysis.

*Requires Microsoft Excel 97 or later to be installed on your computer.
**International versions of Windows may be required.